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Everything weBake,

We bake withLove

Handmade specialty cookies and other treats made to order YOUR WAY!

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Fresh Ingredients

We only use the highest quality ingredients. Ingredients include but are not limited to:

Unbleached all-purpose flour, pure sugar, pure brown sugar, salt, cream of tartar, finest spices, high quality espresso, pure vanilla extract, chocolate chips made in Wisconsin, farm fresh eggs, and Wisconsin butter.

Baked with love

"When baking for other people, baking can also be a helpful way to communicate one’s feelings. Susan Whitbourne, professor of psychological and brain sciences at the University of Massachusetts, points to the cultural norm of bringing food to someone when a loved one has passed. Sometimes there are no words, and only food can communicate what you’re trying to say. She told HuffPost, “It can be helpful for people who have difficulty expressing their feelings in words to show thanks, appreciation or sympathy with baked goods.” - Huffington Post (September 27, 2021)

On time delivery

Orders are processed within 1-3 days after placing the order. We strive to make sure the items are made fresh and shipped on the same day.  


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What our customers are saying

Perfection in a cookie! I’ve bought from this store before but this time I wanted just the yummy caramel flavor. No problem, said the shop, and these cookies are SO GOOD!

Wendy - from Etsy

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